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Last month, I had the opportunity once again to visit our factory in Berlin, Germany. The Arizona heat in June alone is a great reason to get out of town and Germany is always enjoyable, but this year was a special trip.

Finetech just opened a NEW state-of-the-art factory that took 2 years to construct. I was really excited to see the large clean rooms and demo labs, and impressive product assembly and tooling areas.  Our company is now nearly 25 years old and to hear the stories from our original founders of how the company was started gave me the opportunity to see the success that Finetech has achieved. Watching the founders as they toured the new facility and seeing the awe and pride on their faces was very moving.  Hearing the optimism from the nearly 100 employees and their families was truly inspiring and refreshing.

It was very obvious during my visit that we are not just a company that makes quality Micro Assembly and SMT Rework Systems. We are a company full of talented and skilled people who are proud of the company they work for.  Finetech was founded on, and continues to be driven by, brilliant engineering.  Germany is known around the world for developing exceptional engineering concepts and Finetech, in my humble opinion, is the epitome of that observation.

My first blogs were about technical solutions, ideas, concepts and collaboration … covering topics such as medical and optical devices, and die bonding. This blog is a personal opportunity for me to reflect on the company I am proud to be a part of, to see where we started and where we are going. We have an amazingly talented staff lead by a team of people I profoundly respect. Our company is technically and financially sound and our new facility will augment our continued growth. I feel very positive about providing effective solutions and products to new and existing customers, even more so after this visit.  What better type of company to work with on the newest and most innovating applications in the bonding and rework markets?

Call us and put our brilliant engineering team to the test... If we can’t do it, chances are it can’t be done.

07/23/2015, created by: Robert Avila
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